Champion Stakeholders Team

Can We Count On YOU?

Dear Shareholders,

Did you think we forgot about you?

No way! We've just been a little busy.

The lawsuit is still very much active. The process is moving forward albeit at a slow pace. Btw, don't forget that you can keep up with the case developments on the official lawsuit website here: 

We apologize for the infrequent blog posts as there is a mountain of new evidence that is being organized. The short of it is that we received a decision from Justice Strekaf back in April (as mentioned in the previous post). We are appealing. We do not have a next court date as yet. 

To date it has been a small group of dedicated shareholders who have relentlessly contributed money and/or effort to develop and help this case progress. We feel (as shareholders) that we are perhaps in the final stretch. While there are no guarantees, we are confident that we have amassed a huge amount of evidence to support all our claims we have made on this blog and then some.

At some point in the near future, we (this group of shareholders) would like to see a show of strength from you.  

We need your voice. 

We would like to send you an email with the details. If you have NOT already sent your information to us that includes your full name, physical address, contact phone number, email, and number of shares owned, please do so. Send information to

If your email has changed since you first contacted us - please send an update. Please also share this information with other shareholders you may know.

If you have already sent us your information, please sit tight, and know that we are working on a plan to have our voices heard in our effort to seek justice.

Are you with us? Can we count on you? 


Shareholders for Justice



Trucks are rolling!

But first . . .


To help quantify damages. Courts always want to know how much ($$$) damage was done.

Champion Stakeholders, LLC has made vigorous attempts (snail mail letter, emails, blog site, forums) to request that any shareholder holding Birch Mountain shares during the class period between April 1, 2005  through November 5, 2008, send us their name, physical address, phone contact, and share count information to

If you have submitted your information - THANK YOU.

If you haven't sent your information - why not?

If any of your information has changed since you first contacted us - please provide an update.

How to contact us: Send an email to


The core team and Representative Plaintiff just returned from 10 days in Alberta. It appears that the Birch business plan, which was on the cusp of being realized when they were forced into receivership, is successful. We were there to witness the number of trucks entering and exiting the Hammerstone Quarry. It was busy.

There are a number of recent articles that confirm the importance and value of the quarry and the activity.

Remember that the South Haul Road was the proving ground for the quality of Birch limestone for heavy roadbed: Limestone mine set for growth in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray aggregate producer expands to meet demand

If you do not hear from us immediately, please accept our apologies. The team of 4 are the custodians for the class action lawsuit and initiators of other strategies (in addition to the lawsuit) to seek justice sooner than later and recovery. We stay busy and steadfast on our mission.


This letter went out to Brookfield Directors on 16 Nov 2011.

Letter to Brookfield Director

Birch Mountain Shareholders for Justice is now tweeting.

Please follow us on Twitter: BirchMountain

We have seen the benefits of tweeting in the media. It has been a very effective tool to mobilize individuals and "call to arms," especially for some very specific political action.

While we don't have any urgent news or activity to convey at this time we felt it important to be prepared. It might come in handy.

If you don't currently tweet - it's real easy. Follow the instructions on Twitter. Once you set up your account start following us: BirchMountain

 "Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky. They are people who say: This is my community, and it is my responsibility to make it better. Interweave all these communities and you really have an America that is back on its feet again. I really think we are gonna have to reassess what constitutes a 'hero. Studs Terkel



Welcome to our new blog site dedicated to Birch Mountain shareholders and information about the Canadian Class Action Lawsuit and the US Efforts to seek justice. Please take a little time to acquaint yourself with our new features; a Google Map showing many of our shareholders, a Donate button so that you can contribute, an About page so you can learn a bit more about us, and two ways to receive our blog updates automatically.

Links to the official Class Action Lawsuit can be found in the sidebar to the right. There are also links to background information to help you understand the Oppression Remedy and Canadian Law.  

Pardon us while we continue to spruce up and refine the site. We've moved all the original posts about Birch Mountain from the previous location to this new site. We're still working on the About page and additional resource links.

If you wish to contact us please do so at

Thank You,
Your Champion Stakeholders Team



Birch Mountain - Further Clarification

Originally posted on on 8 Dec 2010.


Dear Fellow Shareholder,

Let us be clear.

WHO: We're shareholders.

WHAT: We recognized an injustice. We're trying to mobilize shareholders.

WHEN: 2 years in the making and NOW!

WHY: We seek to recover asset losses as described in the Statement of Claim. (see link in sidebar)

WHERE: The Class Action was initiated in a Canadian court. However, it does not matter your country of citizenship as long as you were a Birch Mountain shareholder during the time period specified.

You don't need to take any action to be a part of the lawsuit.

You are automatically included if you owned Birch Mountain shares

between April 8, 2005 and November 5, 2008

ONE MORE THING: The shareholders who took it upon themselves to initiate this lawsuit on your behalf are reaching out to engage you in our ongoing efforts that will assist and add value to our cause. That is why we have requested you submit your name, address, citizenship, and number of shares owned to

Special thanks to the shareholders who have

stepped up to advance our mission.

If you haven’t already read our previous 8 blog entries for Birch Mountain - you might find it helpful to do so. If you want to communicate with the lead shareholders responsible for this action, please do so through

Birch Mountain - To ALL the Shareholders

Originally posted on on 19 Nov 2010.

Modification to original post 3 Feb 2011.


Dear Fellow Birch Mountain Shareholder,

We are now at the stage in the Canadian Class Action Proceedings where we need to expand the number of Birch Mountain shareholders who can be kept fully informed of and potentially support our efforts to get justice for all of us.

To accomplish this we are asking all recipients of this notice to forward it to every Birch Mountain shareholder they know to inform them of an effort of a small group of average citizens who are seeking justice for all Birch Mountain shareholders. Please disseminate this information to any Birch Mountain shareholder you may know.

Only shareholders who held shares between April 1, 2005 and November 5, 2008 will be included in the class action lawsuit in Canada. All shareholders having shares during that time period, regardless us citizenship, holding shares during that period, are automatically included. Please see previous post "Are you part of the Birch Mountain Class Action Lawsuit?"

We will then assemble a list of all of the respondents so we may inform everyone of the progress and challenges that we are facing. 

The short version of events that caused us to pursue a legal remedy for Birch Mountain shareholders is as follows:

  • Tiny public company (Birch Mountain) discovers a large limestone deposit in the middle of one of the largest industrial projects in Canada (Ft. McMurray) and in an area with no significant gravel reserves.
  • The limestone deposit has a third party valuation of 1.6 billion NPV dollars.
  • A significant Canadian investment company agrees to help finance build out of the operation.
  • Stock price reaches over 8 dollars per share and then begins a precipitous and suspicious steady decline to less than one penny.
  • Company eventually is pushed into receivership by Tricap.
  • Shareholders lose everything.
  • Four Birch Mountain shareholders suspect something unethical happened and spend two years piecing together the events that resulted in the Birch Mountain receivership.
  • Researchers assert the Defendants acted in a manner that was oppressive to the Birch Mountain Shareholders.
  • The case is fact based and the researchers are eager to share their story with a judge in the pursuit of justice.
  • The lawsuit commenced on behalf of all (not just Canadian and within that time periodBirch Mountain Shareholders is based on the Oppression Remedy which seeks to ensure fairness and implement a just and equitable remedy.  This remedy gives the court broad equitable jurisdiction to enforce not just what is legal, but also what is fair.

We ask all Birch Mountain shareholders, who wish to be kept fully informed of and support our efforts to e-mail us at by November 28th. Please provide us with your name, address, and country of citizenship.

If you have already contacted us via Hushmail, no further action is necessary. We will have an update soon.

Birch Mountain Shareholders for Justice

Please see previous 7 related posts for additional information.

Birch Mountain Shareholders - News and New Possibilities

Originally posted on on 30 Sep 2010.

If you read our blog on 15 January 2009 "Call to Arms,"  you know I was being very proactive and trying to salvage or at least make sense of what happened to Birch Mountain. To no avail, earlier in the year I had worked to help find a buyer for Birch - before their demise. 

Too many questions and no answers:

Ultimately, shareholders were left with no representation or answers. The Hammerstone Corporation (wholly owned private subsidiary of Tricap) appeared and shocked us into disbelief. How fair was it that Tricap, now called Brookfield Special Situations Partners, acquired the assets of Birch Mountain Resources, a $1.6 Billion asset for less than $50 million? What happened to the Shareholders Rights Plan that was in place? Why didn't we have a say? 

I tried to mobilize shareholders to take action. The result was that a core group of shareholders stepped up to the plate. For the last year and a half we worked long days, made necessary trips across country at our expense and compiled the facts surrounding the transfer of assets from a public company to a private company.

Hard Work pays off:

Our work effort cannot possibly be appreciated by anyone who has not suffered the sleepless nights, the long conference calls, the frustrations, the shock of discovering the pieces of the puzzle and how they fit together, all while enduring the other events life throws at one. It may not even be appreciated that we have secured a means for Birch Mountain shareholders to find resolution with a potential recovery. Appreciated or not, know that we have worked diligently and non-stop to right a wrong. We have officially initiated a Class Action law suit on behalf of Birch Mountain Shareholders.

What you have to look forward to:

If your Birch shares were used for wallpaper - take them down. Soon, our legal team will be announcing a Class Action web site that will contain much more detailed information. Soon, we will expound on the merits of the case and the legal remedy chosen for the Class Action. Click the link in the sidebar titled CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT for the legal document. It can only be found here at this time. If you don't quite get the legal language, check back to this blog for updates and we'll try to explain what we can. 

In the meantime, join our mailing list, send us feedback:

In the meantime, if you are a Birch Mountain shareholder and you want to be on our mailing list for events and pertinent information, please email your name and address (we need to know if you are Canadian or a U.S. citizen) and contact information and any comments or questions to We will entertain any questions but may not be able to answer all of them. If there are similar questions we may respond by way of a post on this blog so that all shareholders may benefit from the inquiry. 

 Thank you to the shareholders who contributed to help make this possible.

We have achieved a milestone and we are on our way to resolution!