Unethical Alberta Court contradicts evidence #LannyMcDonald
We caught #BAM at their game. Are the #AlbertaCourts helping them to cover up?

What don't they want you to know? Corrupt Alberta Courts? #LannyMcDonald

Have the judges been influenced by Brookfield? 

It's real simple.

The evidence on record shows that “they did” [Birch] and the Alberta Court decision states “they did NOT.”

Is the English different in Alberta?

If it’s like English elsewhere, then clearly there has been a miscarriage of justice.

It doesn't take a Oxford English professor to know the difference. 

Why won't the Appeal Court release the transcripts unless:

  1. They have been lobbied by Brookfield?
  2. They are hiding their incompetence?
  3.  Or both?