Alberta Appeal Court Cover-Up? #LannyMcDonald v. Brookfield Asset Management
Unethical Alberta Court contradicts evidence #LannyMcDonald

Laughable - Canadian Courts Access to Justice #LannyMcDonald

Dear Shareholders,

If you can accept that the Alberta Court of Appeal decision states:

Birch "... did not have the funds available to pay that interest, ..."

with the evidence we submitted that states:

[Doug Rowe to Brookfield] "I noted that ComputerShare

had the cheque and

we had the funds set aside

to make the payments. ... .”

then you can probably accept that 2 + 2 = 5.

If you can't accept the obvious contradiction error and bias and losing a $1.6 billion dollar asset, then get your pens ready and give us an hour of your time and show solidarity.

Details soon.

We have complained to the Appeal Panel to release the transcripts and were shut out.

We complained to the Canadian Judicial Council to release the transcripts based on bias, errors, and misconduct by the Appeal Panel and were shut out.

We have sent a complaint to the Supreme Court of Canada, Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin.

We need to add your voices to the uproar.

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