Small correction to letter you received
Lanny McDonald interview - Tweeting Something Smells - Overturn the Receivership

Something Smells. Appeal Court shut us down. Why?

The Appeal Panel suggested that we "apply to the panel for clarification."

d. the Appeal Panel, in the December 23, 2016 Judgment advised the class members as to the proper procedure to seek clarification to correct errors in the Judgment and we have followed this “proper procedure”:

“5 Secondly, it is rarely necessary or appropriate for the Court to provide "clarification" of the reasons for decision. The reasons must speak for themselves, and stand or fall based on the reasoning (or absence of reasoning) in them. In those rare cases where some clarification is appropriate, the proper procedure is to apply to the panel for clarification, not for counsel to sort through the oral argument in an attempt to supplement the formal written reasons.” Source:

So what did they do when we asked for clarification?

"Your correspondence of January 12, 2017 has been referred to the panel, which advises that it will not be issuing any further reasons with respect to this appeal." Source:

One has to wonder what they don't want you to know. Something smells here.