It's not over . . .
Are we being railroaded by the Alberta Courts? What are they trying to cover up?

Another Update: We have been denied Access To Justice - Transcripts

Dear Shareholders, 

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Every avenue of recourse has been explored and implemented with regard to the injustice we have suffered.

***A shareholder who attended the June 15, 2016 hearing reported to other shareholders that one of the judges on the appeal panel remarked something to the effect, "something smells here" during the questioning of the South Haul Road build and acquisition of asset and the fact that Brookfield / Tricap were willing to dump $737 Million dollars into a property they labeled "worthless" in the receivership proceedings.

You know what else smells?

The Appeal Court not releasing the transcripts.

The Appeal Court siding with Justice Strekaf's earlier erroneous decision.

Justice Strekaf being appointed as an Appeal Judge while the Court is reviewing her erroneous decision for appeal.

The Appeal Court insisting that 556 pages of evidence were "hearsay." One has to wonder if the government agencies of Canada and the US know they are engaged in spreading unfounded information through SEDAR and EDGAR. One has to wonder how shareholders can now rely on any information posted on SEDAR or EDGAR if it's just hearsay.

The Appeal Court's decision is rife with impartiality.

Could the court have been bought?

By the way, the above paragraph marked with *** is an example of hearsay. Definition of hearsay - information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor.  However, it could be substantiated as fact if we had the transcripts.


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