Now we wait
Here's an idea while we're waiting . . .

And . . . we wait.

The transcripts will NOT be forthcoming as expected. We have to submit to a series of protocols and permissions. It will happen. We just don't know WHEN it will happen.

We can't imagine that the decision from the Appeal Court will take as long as it took Justice Strekaf to rule. We're surmising that - based on the notion that the Appeal Court is aware the previous ruling took an exorbitant amount of time and was rife with errors. This is just guesswork on our part. And . . . maybe, hopeful.

By all accounts, opinions of the shareholders in attendance on June 15th are optimistic for us and confident that this particular panel of Judges had the expertise and background to fully understand our claim. They felt that the comments and questioning from the judges demonstrated their grasp of the critical facts. 


We were scheduled for an afternoon hearing with a limit of 45 minutes to make our argument. Our team arrived early in the morning as was necessary to be ready in case the morning hearing ran short. Upon arrival it was discovered that the morning hearing had purposely been rescheduled to allow us more time. Our team was informed that we had the full attention of the Court and could take as much time as needed. We had also petitioned the Court to allow new evidence. It was not only allowed, it was extensively reviewed.

I think we could safely interpret the admission of new evidence and our extended time as a positive for us. Let's hope the decision follows our optimism.

We promise to post here immediately when we receive a decision.

Until then we will be taking a few breaks and also preparing for what may be next.

In the meantime, please join other shareholders on our FaceBook page to participate in conversation while we wait.


There is still a reason to believe!