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Mirror, Mirror, on the wall . . .

. . .who is the financial advisor behind them all?

What does this:

Delaware court rules RBC Capital Markets misled investors by Tim Kiladze, Globe and Mail

have to do with us?

 In our Statement of Claim we make mention of the role of RBC. Three significant events involving RBC, in the course of advising Birch Mountain, raise serious questions.

1. Why did RBC, Birch's paid financial advisor, downgrade Birch Mountain at the same time Davenport Securities recommended BMD as a STRONG BUY?

2..  RBC, Birch's paid financial advisor, was leading the "exploration of strategic alternatives to enhance shareholder value, joint venture, merger, sale of the company." RBC, similar to the situation in the article cited above, was responsible for shopping Birch around.

3.  RBC, advises Birch to reject a bought deal that would have provided enough capital to work through the year and into profitablity and instead to accept the death spiral toxic financing provided by Brookfield/Tricap.

See any similarities? But wait . . . there is more to the story . . .

Also in the Statement of Claim:  What is the role of Jim Pattison, if any?

Ahhhh, the plot thickens.