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July 2012

We've appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada

We know we promised a blog makeover and that may still happen.

However, in the meantime, we've been a little busy implementing one of three legal pursuits to forward our case against Brookfield. Here's one:

SCC screen shot leave application

The Supreme Court of Canada goes on holiday for the month of July. We don't anticipate we will hear anything until near the end of August on this one.

Just to reiterate:

To help quantify damages. Courts always want to know how much ($$$) damage was done.

Champion Stakeholders, LLC has made vigorous attempts (snail mail letter, emails, blog site, forums) to request that any shareholder holding Birch Mountain shares during the class period between April 1, 2005  through November 5, 2008, send us their name, physical address, phone contact, and share count information to

If you have submitted your information - THANK YOU.

If you haven't sent your information - why not?

If any of your information has changed since you first contacted us - please provide an update.

How to contact us: Send an email to

IF you have contacted us through and have not heard back, please accept our apologies, we are busy putting in place important legal pursuits and making every effort to catch up.