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Trucks are rolling!

But first . . .


To help quantify damages. Courts always want to know how much ($$$) damage was done.

Champion Stakeholders, LLC has made vigorous attempts (snail mail letter, emails, blog site, forums) to request that any shareholder holding Birch Mountain shares during the class period between April 1, 2005  through November 5, 2008, send us their name, physical address, phone contact, and share count information to

If you have submitted your information - THANK YOU.

If you haven't sent your information - why not?

If any of your information has changed since you first contacted us - please provide an update.

How to contact us: Send an email to


The core team and Representative Plaintiff just returned from 10 days in Alberta. It appears that the Birch business plan, which was on the cusp of being realized when they were forced into receivership, is successful. We were there to witness the number of trucks entering and exiting the Hammerstone Quarry. It was busy.

There are a number of recent articles that confirm the importance and value of the quarry and the activity.

Remember that the South Haul Road was the proving ground for the quality of Birch limestone for heavy roadbed: Limestone mine set for growth in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray aggregate producer expands to meet demand

If you do not hear from us immediately, please accept our apologies. The team of 4 are the custodians for the class action lawsuit and initiators of other strategies (in addition to the lawsuit) to seek justice sooner than later and recovery. We stay busy and steadfast on our mission.