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Sound familiar?

"GE like GS?

Submitted by Bill Cara (2983 comments) on Fri, 10/21/2011 - 08:05 #98167

Like so many former executives of Goldman Sachs have taken control of central banks and key governmental agencies in recent years, so too have former executives of General Electric taken control of key US corporations. Quickly coming to mind are Honeywell, Boeing, and Home Depot, and there are many others. But, is it the CEO or the people behind the curtain that have control?

This point came up when thinking about the statement I made recently as to why the Hewlett-Packard Board of Directors, overseeing 325,000 employees, many of them quite brilliant and able to do the job as CEO, had to go outside to pick Meg Whitman. Clearly, the HP board did it because they are puppeteers and Meg was their chosen puppet. Even most of the people on the Board are there representing interests of a few others.

Capitalism in America is not about running a corporation in the interest of shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, as you have been led to believe. It's about control and exploitation by the 1% and their puppets who include people like Bernanke and Geithner and, yes, Obama, Bush and much of Congress.

Think about this the next time you see a new CEO being parachuted in from a powerhouse company, overlooking qualified employees. Think about it while listening to the wannabe candidates for US President, wondering why it's these people instead of thousands of others who legitimately qualify. The issue is not about them, but who behind the curtain is putting up the money to make them President because they are the ones who will choose the path we move forward in the future, not the President.

In the corporate world, Canadians got to see this behind the scenes take-over when Brascan/Brookfield dropped their former Executive Vice President into the Stelco board and made him CEO shortly after, who then quickly destroyed that company, to their benefit. Brookfield, with its roots in South Africa, is Canada's GE and GS. (highlight added)

In their own greed, so-called capitalists have been destroying wealth of the 99% just like they have been destroying democracy. When it comes to business, what the world needs now is a return to entrepreneurship, where new ideas, people and capital converge to create wealth. It's up to us, then, to support today's entrepreneurs and small business companies because they alone represent our hopes for a better future.

Just something on my mind today..."

Reprinted with Bill Cara's permission. Read more here: Cara Community

Short end of the stick.

Here is a group that feels they have received the short end of the stick when it comes to Brookfield. They call themselves Victims of Brookfield. It's another emerging story of ordinary people fighting to keep what they have worked so very hard for.

Visit them on Facebook and Twitter to learn more: and  /!/BAM_Victims

Is there anyone from the list below that shares the sentiment?


Concert Industries


Western Forest Products

Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging

Ainsworth Lumber

Insignia Energy

Central Alberta Wells Services

Maax Corporation

Tecumseh Products


Brookfield owns Zucccotti Park - home of Occupy Wall Street

Did you know that NYC Mayor Bloombergs girlfriend, Dianna L. Taylor, is a director of Brookfield? Read about the "incestuous" political connections of money and power here: WorldNetDaily

Occupy Wall Street needs our help:

"Urgent -- tomorrow at 7 am, the New York City police plan to evict the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The only way to stop the eviction is a roaring outcry to New York's billionaire mayor, Mike Bloomberg, and to the owners of the protest park. We must show them that their global reputations are on the line.

Let's flood their offices with phone calls! Avaaz will tell the media about the numbers of calls made, multiplying their impact on the public image of Bloomberg and Richard B. Clark -- the CEO of the company that owns the park. If enough of us call now, we could turn the tide and stop the eviction--but only hours are left!

Who to call:

  • New York mayor Michael Bloomberg: +1-212-772-1081 ext 12006
  • Brookfield CEO Richard Clark: +1-212-417-7063
  • Brookfield US headquarters: +1-212-417-7000
  • Brookfield Canada headquarters: +1-416-369-2300
  • Brookfield Australia headquarters: +61-2-9322-2000

After calling, post a message about what happened -- to help Avaaz count the number of calls made, and demonstrate the wave of worldwide support for the protesters."

Get the full details here: Avaaz

Birch Mountain Shareholders for Justice is now tweeting.

Please follow us on Twitter: BirchMountain

We have seen the benefits of tweeting in the media. It has been a very effective tool to mobilize individuals and "call to arms," especially for some very specific political action.

While we don't have any urgent news or activity to convey at this time we felt it important to be prepared. It might come in handy.

If you don't currently tweet - it's real easy. Follow the instructions on Twitter. Once you set up your account start following us: BirchMountain

 "Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky. They are people who say: This is my community, and it is my responsibility to make it better. Interweave all these communities and you really have an America that is back on its feet again. I really think we are gonna have to reassess what constitutes a 'hero. Studs Terkel