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59% in less than 7 months?

In less than 7 months from the time Tricap subscribed to the private placement and the Senior Secured Convertible Debenture they benefically owned ~ 59% of Birch Mountain. Is that what you thought "long term patient capital" meant?

By September, Tricap owned 73% of Birch Mountain - who knew?

Here's the brief picture. Check out the presentation below for the math.

In less than 7 months


Decision NOTICE

Dear Shareholder,

We have received a decision from Judge Perell in Ontario. He has affirmed the motion for jurisdiction in Alberta.

We will, of course, APPEAL.

We have 30 days to file the notice of appeal (Rule 61.04 (1)) and then 30 days to perfect the appeal from the filing of the notice of appeal (Rule 61.09 (1)(a)).

Stay tuned for an interim update.